Monday, May 18, 2009

County To All Cars: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Quiet morning at work so far, I have a very decent group of officers on, so it promises to be a fantastic day.
Tried the low-carb "pancake" for breakfast this morning - and it is definitely a winner. One egg, one tablespoon of psyllium fiber, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, cinnamon, and artificial sweetner of your choice. let it sit for a bit- put it in a buttered pan, and make it just like a pancake. I had to use some orange metamucil because that's all I had in the way of psyllium, but it was fantastic!  I put just a smidge of heavy cream on top of it and chowed down. It only took one and I was full. I think this is going to be a breakfast staple for sure.
Weigh in this morning - down 2.2lbs. Last weigh in was five days ago - and I'm feeling some major bloat so I'm happy that I continued to go down in weight. This puts me at 24% of my goal, and makes me even more determined to stick to this while I'm on vacation. Next weigh in will be June 6th when I return from vacation.

I realized this morning that I'm losing in my hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. I can see the bones in my wrists again, and the top of my feet are no longer swollen -- even retaining all this water. I remember reading something a long time ago about your body wanting to protect the major organs, so when you lose - it takes away from the point farthest away from there. Or I might have made that up, I don't know.

Hopefully the bloat goes away before I get on the plane next Monday, this should all be sorted by then. Plus - how cool would it be to come back from vacation thinner?
7 Days until vacation!

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