Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Piss Off Your Dispatcher In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Make a reasonable request "I need a StateDot salt truck."

Step 2: Make unreasonable demand based on fictitious time restraint involving previous reasonable request, now involving a third party. "I need the boro salt truck, StateDot won't get here in time."

Step 3: Become agitated when your dispatcher balks at the stupidity of asking her to wake up your boro road crew to salt a state road.

Step 4: Make a convoluted mess out of original request. Talk self into hole with dispatcher, boro road crew, and StateDot, ensuring your original reasonable request does not get taken care of in a timely fashion.


(ps. I swear, I'm alive)


  1. Awesome. I take great pleasure in explaining to people that StateDot (in my case,PennDot) and the 'boro garage doesn't swap assignments just to happify the general public; if its theirs, they'll treat it, if not, too bad.

  2. Oh I know and feel that pain!! And we also have the fight of the county/city crews. It's the county salt trucks for that bridge and the city will stop salting until they cross the bridge.
    I'm very glad you are alive btw!!