Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Send out one Officer That's Not My Jurisdiction for a report of an overturned vehicle in front of the caller's address. He goes on scene and reports he's not able to locate the vehicle. I call the complainant back "Oh yes ma'am, it's on its roof right in the middle of the roadway in front of my house."

I key up and tell him the same.

His response?

"Did they say what kind of car it was?"


  1. He's making you pay for a having to take a call that isn't his.

    Did he do the power whine when was dispatched to the call?

  2. Actually, it was his jurisdiction, after making me pull up Google Earth and everything I got to stick it to him. I call him that because he constantly tries to pawn stuff off on other sectors. He made me do more work trying to get him out of that damn call. The "what kind of car is it" was just the icing on the stupidity cake.

    What's a power whine?

  3. A power whine is when an officer responds the dispatch on a call he does not want to go to, with great emphasis.

    "7David6. Wreck at 19th and Main Street."

    "7David6. Alll-right. Co-py!

    It's pouty and passive aggressive at the same time.

  4. bahahahahaahhaha the power whine!!!!! i cannot wait to tell my coworkers this. my deputies are AWESOME @ the power whine!