Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tired Dispatcher is Tired

I have a sleep rule:  Sleep during the day exactly like I do at night. This means no scheduling anything during the day, no answering the phone, no running errands in the morning on the way home. Come home. Eat. Sleep. My room is completely blacked out, cool, and I have an appropriate level of white noise. I sleep during the day like a champ, and I dare say better than I have ever slept at night. My day sleep is sacred.

Or, it was.

I've been getting up early on nightshift to go to the gym before work. I feel it is an appropriate encroachment into my sleep. Exercise is good for my stress level, and quite frankly there is no way I'm doing it after a 12 hour shift. As it turns out, the gym was the gateway drug into day sleep abusive behavior. The past few weeks I've been scheduling doctors appointments, grocery shopping, and even lunch with friends who all thought I was long dead during what should be sleeping hours.

The result of this is that I am one tired, cranky bitch. Snipping at my district like it's full of assholes, when it's full of the same needy but nice cops it has always been full of. I am not the dispatcher that can do the job well on no sleep and coffee. This past week taught me that. 

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a relapse and time for intervention. Get back to the old routine and a gym work out after 12 hours is not so bad. You may even sleep better....

    Or skip the gym and work out at home, you don't need all the fancy equipment to stay in shape, if that is the reason for going to the gym.