Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Cat

Dispatch out Officer Big Bald and Manly for injured cat after a traffic incident.

Initial text in his history reads:
Arrived and saw that cat was severely injured. Cat was put down and discarded in township dumpster.

MDC message follows a split second later:
Went to put the cat down and it lifted its head and meowed at me. Wtf.

Final text in incident history reads:
Cat was dropped off at vet with information on where it was found. Vet stated she would try and save the cat. Clear.


  1. LOL, it always gets me that the big strong men are really so soft. Hope the cat made it! and thanks for sharing!

  2. This one just killed me i couldn't stop giggling and my co-workers thought i had lost it for a minute. thanks for the laugh on my monday!!!