Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last shift of the rotation snapshots

Send out West Newville for a drunken asshole that keeps calling 911 being an abusive prick to my calltakers, and then hanging up. Two of West Newville's finest go on location.

Status Check.

"21P01, he's hiding from us, we're fine."

"[pause, as I am working up a fair amount of sarcasm-laced indignation based on that last statement]... you're okay FOR NOW."

"21P02, yes ma'am."

Dumb ass. At least one of them gets it. Drunk asshole eventually passed out and quit calling.


After one too many eye-rolling messages from a unit about how sweet my voice sounds tonight, I send out the following warning: Son, I date a Marine. Don't get fresh. It works, even cops don't want to deal with a pissed off Marine.


0400 get to farm out a call to the staties for a guy pulled over on our major highway insisting the police come out and take the snake out of his vehicle.


45 minutes. The length of time two calltakers were on the phone with each other (let the absurdity of that sink in for a moment) discussing what should and should not be in the department SOP. Never in the course of history has so much been discussed by so many yet meaning so little. With apologies to Sir Winston.

I'm taking my full four off this week!

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