Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring in Ghetto City

Working the part-time/entertainment gig at Ghetto City PD. Owing to the quirky spring/not spring/cold/not cold time of year and a building heating and cooling system that isn't quite on the ball, dispatch and the squad room are a bit stuff. It's a balmy 55 outside. Sgt. OCD is tugging at his vest and not pleased. He opens both the outer door to the PD lobby and then the inner door leading to dispatch and the squad room. I give him a look indicating there is a reason I set behind bullet-resistant glass with a panic button and not in the lobby.

"Don't worry, I have a clear shot at them from my office. It's hot in here."

"When is the last time you qualified on your service weapon? And you're wearing a vest!"

Now completely annoyed with borderline insubordination from the part-time sass-mouthed dispatcher, he just walks away. I spend the rest of the shift eyeballing the lobby camera.


The community relations officer comes into dispatch to inform me he will be out at a church meeting. Mockingly, I ask if he's going to need status to save him from the church ladies.

"Naw, If anything whacked goes down, I'll drop to my knees and start praying."

Random Complaint of the Shift:  Kids building a tree fort. In their own yard.

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  1. So I found your blog while searching for blogs about dispatching. I am currently on the hunt to get into a dispatching position (fingers crossed for me)... even though I'm aware that I will be a dreaded rookie, I hope to learn all that I can and be a great dispatcher. I have to say that your blog is my favorite. I am sad to see that your last entry was from 2 years ago! I hope you continue to write! Some of the lingo I cannot follow (hopefully someday soon), but I enjoy your candid humor, stories and insight you share :)